Artist's Statement

In my art I concentrate on interpreting psychological themes : centering on human emotions, relationships and situations. My observations of people coupled with my own experiences and imagination form the basis of my inspirations.

I usually record my ideas by means of line drawings that I latter develop. I next decide on the media for generating the actual art piece. One sketch can serve as the starting point for a number of unique works in different media. I strive for originality in my art in terms of style and technique. I have , for example, produced many works in concrete using a process I have developed that makes the finished piece feel and appear like ceramic. At this point in time I work in stone , wood, acrylics and ink.

My representations are mainly studies of the human form. By avoiding making complete or detailed figures in my work I invite the viewer to concentrating on those aspects I do not include. Yet, I make conspicuous by their absence those features that I have not included. Substance and void are complementary and this is key to my themes. Art is the tangible product of an intangible concept.

No two people see things in exactly the same light. Art, especially, is personal and one art piece could mean different things to different people. However, I consider it important tthat I get across what each work represents to me while acknowledging what others see. Accordingly I title my work such as to give a clue and ease speculation of my intentions , especially for my surreal pieces.

My art is a journey of self-analysis. To me, each of my works is a personal insight made substance- an extrapolation of reality rather than an attack on it. I depict enough detail that some aspect is familiar to the viewer. This is why my art is almost entirely; figuarative: because human features are easily recognisable. I believe that art must be a shared experience. It would be egoistic and without merit if no one but the artist can relate to it.