Who is Rebecca Grima ?

RebeccaRebecca Grima was born in 1967 in Victoria, Gozo,Malta. Self taught, she took up painting and sculpture in her teens.
Her style is modern-figurative. The themes interpreted in her art are invariably psychological and based on interpretations of human emotions, relationships and situations. Her observation of people coupled with her life experiences and imagination provide the basis of her inspirations.

Rebecca At Work (3)While the primary theme of her art has been consistant, Rebecca’s art has been an evolution by transition from one media to another. Media include, acrlyic, ink, wood and concrete. In recent years she has discovered an affinity to the local quarried limestone. Her work in this media has been described by various critics, as "monolithic", "monumental", "strong, defiant, forceful, personal".

Rebecca At Work (1) Her representations are mainly studies of the human form. Complete or detailed figures are avoided. The viewer is thus provoked to concentrate on those aspects included yet at the same time is drawn to the conspicuous absence of those features that have been left out. Substance and void are complementary and this is key to her art work.

Her art is a journey of of self-analysis. Each work is a personal insight made substance - an extrapolation of reality rather than an attack on it.

Rebecca At Work (2) She believes that art must be a shared experience, so in every work there is enough detail showing such that some aspect is familiar to the viewer. This is why her art is almost entirely figurative: because human features are easily recognisable.

Rebecca also writes poems and short stories. Her poems in Italian have earned her awards and recognition in various international fora.